The Transmissions

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The texts that lie ahead are translated transmissions from the anomaly. Here you may find transcripts of conversations that we have held with it, or you might find one-way messages sent to us from the anomaly. Note that you will not find raw, binary transmissions here; nor will you find any software transmissions.

You may be wondering how we have been able to decode english messages and software from a fold in space-time? The person(s) speaking to us from the other side of the fold initially spoke with an easily decipherable language that is universally human. They do this in order to establish communication with as many parallel universes as possible, including ours. By chance, english is a language that our universes share. This means that we were able to quickly move on from the universal language once it was understood that english was known in both universes. It is unknown if the communicator(s) on the other side developed this universal language themselves, or if the language is simply common in their universe. Either way, it's an ingenious method of communication.

You may have also noticed that we do not know exactly who we are talking to. The communicator(s) have described their universe to us, and even some of the more interesting universes that they have made contact with. When we request their identity, we simply do not recieve a response. Their motives for making contact with other parallel universes is still currently unknown. We assume that they do it in order to learn from the other universes, and improve themselves. They are as curious with us as we are with them.

Earliest Transmissions; Establishing Communication

First Contact Two-Way Communication