Communication (with the) Anomaly Games

This site is dedicated to preserving and actively documenting the various transmissions from a space anomaly located near our moon. We are the Conoga organization.

What do we know about this anomaly?

Current theories suggest that the anomaly is some kind of "fold" in the space fabric. This "fold" has allowed communication with what is essentially a parallel universe. Through conversations with the other side, we have developed a basic outline of differences between our two universes. Most differences are incredibly slight; so much so that our universes share a nearly identical history. The most significant difference is that, at some point, their universe has developed the technology to create these folds. Our universe has only learned to transmit through them with assistance from the other side of the fold. This technological breakthrough has had a great impact on their civilization.

What does the anomaly have to say?

The anomaly transmits binary messages to us. The translated messages can be viewed on our "Transmissions" page. Most transmissions from the anomaly are communicative. They tell us more about themselves and the universe that they are from, as well as answer our questions. Some transmissions can even be compiled into software or games, or even converted into audio. Transmissions that have been compiled into software can be found on our "Software" page, while audio can be found here.

Considering the sometimes-trivial contents of the transmissions, it's possible that the trans-universal communication technology in this parallel universe is in the hands of ordinary people (not just for large corporations or governments). It is implied that the technology is used in the same way that people in our universe use vast, high-speed, global networks to send low-effort memes. It is still unclear whether or not the person(s) communicating to us from the other side are an organized group, an individual, or simply whoever has access to a public terminal. There are regular conversations with what appear to be the same people, but there are sometimes completely unrelated transmissions that come straight out of left field.