[Two-Way Conversation]

The following transmission segment was the first truly two-way conversation that the Conoga organization held with the anomaly. Earlier broadcasts to the anomaly were short responses that consisted of few words, or they were demonstrations that conveyed our technological state. In this segment, we began to question the anomaly. This conversation in particular occurred after about 19 months of refining the communication process (on both sides of the fold).

[CONOGA]: Who are we communicating with?

[ANOMALY]: -no response-

[CONOGA]: Why do you reach out to us?

[ANOMALY]: We have questions to ask regarding other universes, much like you. It is human nature to desire a complete understanding of life's mysteries. It is possible that another universe has achieved this complete understanding.

[CONOGA]: Did you expect us to have complete understanding? Was there any specific factor that made your decision to make contact with us?

[ANOMALY]: We have no expectations of the universes that we make contact with, except for the basic technological abilities that allow for contact to be established. Our approach to finding a universe to communicate with is essentially a random "shot in the dark". We may or may not recieve a response. Our goal of reaching a complete understanding of life is quite a vast goal to have. We know that our chances of encountering a universe that has reached this achievement is incredibly unlikely. However we may learn enough from multiple universes that we could someday become the universe with a complete understanding.

[CONOGA]: Have you ever encountered a universe with goals similar to yours?

[ANOMALY]: We have yet to encounter a universe that also seeks knowledge from other universes. However, it is only a matter of time until we do.