Conoga News

[September 2, 2021]

It's been a minute, lol. Exactly two months since the last update. Life's been pretty busy lately, but I can't believe that it's been two months since I've done anything to the site!

In terms of new visual changes, I've set the Nav Monitor to Autumn mode, and that's about it besides some very minor adjustments to a couple elements. I think I'm going to write some sort of code for the Nav Monitor in the future, where it'll change itself whenever we move into the next season without my help. Time to learn Javascript!

I've written a new post for the GameChat section. This time the featured game is Resident Evil: Code Veronica for the Sega Dreamcast. The new post can be viewed here.

While I'm here, I want to announce that I am working on a game project. I don't want to give too many details right now, as it's still very early in development, but I'm aiming for it to be some kind of sandbox adventure game with an emphasis on vehicles and modular computers. I'll give more details as it develops.

[July 2, 2021]

On the 29th I wrote a post on Medal of Honor: Underground for Ps1, check it out here!

I've made a somewhat-large change to the GameChat layout as well. In order to keep all the boxes the same size, I've moved information about the game, such as its platform, developer, and release date into the game's page itself. Another addition to the game pages are new navigation buttons that direct you to the previous and next GameChat posts. I have some ideas for future changes, like organizing games into genre or platform, but I probably won't do that until I have enough content there to organize.

[June 25, 2021]

I've redecorated the Nav Monitor in the Super Nav™ today! I removed some of the growths that had made themselves at home on it. To make up for this missing element, I have poured some sand onto the top of it, placed some plastic trees in the sand, and set a couple of other decorations in front of it. Feels a bit more summer-y.

I think I'm going to make this a seasonal thing, meaning I'll change the monitor's appearance depending on the season or holiday or whatever. The original look will likely return in the spring.

[June 23, 2021]

Enough changes have been made to the site that I feel a post should be made here. Most of it is minor aesthetic stuff. Changes include removing the construction gifs, editing some text, and implementing a new cursor. The new cursor is just the old windows cursor, so it's not super noticeable.

I have come in contact with an alien race with an unquenchable hunger for fighting cybercrime. These aliens have offered their services to me, which I have gladly accepted. I have advertised this for all hackers to see on the hubworld. Don't ask how I came in contact with an alien race.

I've also added this cool thing called neolink to the bottom of the hubworld, near the button collection. I think that this will be a cool way to keep visitors surfing on their internet-deepdive. I can only place so many buttons my site, whereas anyone can add their site to this one "button". Neolink is this ad-type-thing made by Googol that cycles through random neocities sites that are a part of it.

Organizing the site's assets has been one of my bigger projects lately. Not a huge visual overhaul, but a big internal one. I'm tired of opening the Neocities dashboard and having to dig through assets to find my html pages.

Another GameChat post is on its way, the game being "Medal of Honor: Underground" for PS1. Stay tuned!

[June 8, 2021]

Been doing a little experimentation here and there. More buttons, playing with backgrounds. I'm on a mission to spice up the site a bit with more vintage geocities content. I've salvaged several images now from the ruins of geocities, but I'm not quite sure where to put them yet. I'll probably never find a place for some of them on this site, but they were just too cool to pass up. It's like going thrifting, but digitally. I'll call it data thrifting.

Almost a week ago now (wow, time flies) I wrote the first post for the new "GameChat" region of the site. The post on Bubble Ghost still feels unfinished, but the main idea is there. I'm not sure how to properly wrap it up yet. I feel that GameChat is going to be a fun direction for this site to go in. It's a great place to put gaming-related content that might not fit elsewhere on the site. Some of my geocities finds will probably wind up there.

Side note: I'm not sure why the legacy page is the way it is right now. Don't know what I did to break it, but I'll figure it out at some point.

[May 29, 2021]

Didn't accompish too much today. However, I did figure out some slight adjustments to make the site somewhat viewable on mobile! Discovered a wacky little thing called "viewport" units. It's still not perfect, but at least it's no longer one-word-per-line.

[May 28, 2021]

Glued some more buttons onto the hubworld. Also, I decided to color code the pre-May-5 posts red, like I mentioned in the previous post.

In bigger news, I've begun work on a new page titled "GameChat". GameChat is going to be a blog of sorts where I'll write about a recent game that I've played. I'll describe the gameplay and give my personal thoughts on it. Screenshots may be provided as well. I don't want to call it a game review, but after typing this news post I realize that it basically is :P

[May 20, 2021]

The Legacy page is no longer a 404 wasteland. Entering this new sector of the site will present the original aesthetic of the site in the form of the original hubworld (which has been slightly altered). There you will find a link to the transmissions page, which has also been slightly altered. All news posts before May 5 are related to the original lore, but I decided to leave them here. I might color code their dates, or put them in a sub-section sometime down the road.

[May 5, 2021]

This site is going under a massive overhaul. Though the fiction was fun, I really want to make this site more personal. I feel that staying consistent with the lore has restricted my creative process in a way that I don't really like. I am going to ditch the lore, at least for now. I'll probably have a separate section for it somewhere on the site for historical purposes, but my current consensus with it is that it's going to be discontinued indefinitely.

[Mar 14, 2021]

There have been a few very minor changes to the site between now and the previous update. The music that plays automatically upon entering the transmissions page has been moved from that page to the "First Contact" transmission post. Some text in the "About" section has been revised or updated. On a more major note, a new transmission titled, "Two-Way Communication" has been added to the transmissions section. It's a brief segment from our first true back-and-forth conversation with the anomaly.

[Feb 20, 2021]

The very first transmission from the anomaly has been posted to the transmissions page. It is the first of many transmissions to come. This initial transmission was brief, so most of the post describes the nature of their first broadcast to us. The transmissions page has been updated to accomodate this new post. The page is still under development, and it is very likely that it will change.

[Feb 1, 2021]

Those who have visited the transmissions page lately (with auto-play enabled) may have noticed that music now plays upon entry. We have begun to upload audio transmissions from the anomaly to a soundcloud account. As we converse with the anomaly, our understanding of each other greatly expands. Our earliest transmissions from them were just simple phrases. However, as we gradually described to them our current point in technology, their messages gained more depth and complexity. They eventually learned how to refine their transmissions in a manner that caters to our computer systems. After simple phrases, their transmissions would evolve into longer messages, which would go on to lead into software transmissions that our computers would be able to run. In between longer messages and software transmissions, we recieved audio transmissions. They were more complex than strings of text, but not quite as intricate as computer software.

We are still working to upload everything provided to us from the anomaly onto the internet. Some transmission transcripts will be coming very soon to the transmissions page. More audio and software transmissions will come in the future.

[Jan 22, 2021]

The "About" section has been added to the website. Proceed with caution.

[Jan 19, 2021]

A recent software transmission from the anomaly has resulted in some screensavers! We have compiled the screensavers into a downloadable package, which is currently available for download on Visit the software tab for a link to the page.

[Jan 18, 2021]

The Conoga News page has been initialized. Check back here for any new information or announcements regarding the anomaly. Transcripts of conversations with the anomaly will be posted to the "Transmissions" page. Here we might announce site updates, new transmissions, changes with the anomaly, or new software provided by the anomaly. Whatever news is deserving of a post will be posted here.